Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Short and Late Post

I'm down in Gonzales for the holiday and for a friend's wedding. We got on the road first thing in the morning, so there was no time for me to post this morning. I just have one thing to say today, though.

SportsCenter has Jumped the Shark.

In case you are unfamiliar with this term, it means "A defining moment when you know your favorite television show has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on... it's all downhill." It refers to the time on Happy Days when Fonzie was water skiing and jumped over a great white shark that was trying to eat him.

Despite the rather neutral definition, it has a bad connotation. It usually refers to the moment a television show has done something dumb that calls into question your confidence in the writers/producers to put forth a good show in the future.

A couple days ago, as I was posting the review of the kickers, I had the TV on SportsCenter for a few moments and heard Stuart Scott and a couple panelists going through a list of "The Most Now Athletes." That isn't a typo. They were going through those athletes who are considered the most "now".

I don't even know what that means. How can one be more "now" than another. What does it mean to be "now"? Who's more "now" between Lebron and Tiger? More to the point, who gives a shit?

It was a moment that didn't just call into question my confidence in SportsCenter's ability to put together a quality program. It called into question my confidence in their desire to put together a quality program. It made me wonder, "Why do I even bother with this piece of crap?" How can I continue to patronize a show that can put together something so facile?

I already stopped watching College Football GameDay. I decided last year that I wouldn't watch it anymore, and I didn't miss it. I simply watched something else, read a book, or did housework early on Saturdays. I felt much better, and I was fresher for the start of actual football. I suppose I might watch it again when they're at the site of an LSU football game, but otherwise I will continue ignoring GameDay, and I will continue to feel I'm better off for it.

ESPN is in dire need of some competition. They're the only real general purpose sports channel in town. If anyone has a suggestion for a better general sports program to replace SportsCenter and a college football show to replace GameDay, please let me know.

Incidentally, it's not all bad. Last year, ESPNU's conference previews were outstanding. I think I watched every one of them. If you get ESPNU, definitely be sure to check those out.


uberschuck said...

I'm in complete agreement. I happened to see about 30 seconds of this "Who's Now?" crap and barfed, metaphorically. I felt sad for Michael Wilbon, who is ordinarily a good sports TV journalist, having to sit on that ridiculous panel. What blithering idiot thought of this nonsense?

Instead of wondering if Shaun White is more now than Dwayne Wade, I'm wondering if this sketch is a greater mistake than changing the format for NFL Primetime.

I swear, the guys who made New Coke must be running ESPN these days.

Bond J. Bond said...

Got here from BearMeat...we at DiscoTech! are in total agreement BTW...

Richard Pittman said...

On the plus side, it was about 5:30am, and I was able to turn it to an old episode of The Drew Carey Show on TBS, which was really funny.

Richard Pittman said...

Oh, and welcome to the Rambling Raiders. Your site is funny.

Poseur said...

The phrase "jumped the shark" has jumped the shark.

But God, ESPN sucks right now. It's like they are systematically detroying all of their good programming. College GameDay, Baseball Tonight, Outside the Lines... now SportsCenter. It really hurts to watch right now.

Oh, here's 10 bucks. Someone bring me the head of Stuart Scott.

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