Friday, February 1, 2008

Yeah, I'm Still Here

I haven't gone anywhere. I'm just putting into practice my promise that I would never write on here just to fill it up with garbage. If I don't have anything constructive to say, I don't say anything.

Today is a big day. DeAndre Brown, the 5-star wide receiver from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is announcing his college of choice this evening. LSU has led for his services for a couple of years, but there has been much late drama in his recruitment and it is by no means certain that he will be committing to LSU. And if he commits to LSU, it is by no means certain that he will qualify academically. There is lots of conflicting information on both of these points circulating through the internet today, and I'm not about to try to sort fact from fiction.

The latest school apparently in on him is, of all places, the University of Southern Mississippi. No, they are not a BCS school. Yes, he is a legitimate 5-star player. No, I don't know if all of this is standard paranoia or if it's actual justified pessimism. Yes, we really really want him, even if it's just to sign and place him at a prep school or junior college. No, we do not need him in any sense of the word. He could be a great player, but he's not the difference between LSU going to bowl games and not going to bowl games. He could be the difference between going to the Sugar Bowl and going to the Cotton Bowl, however, down the line some time.

I'm going to plead for a little sanity. If Mr. Brown declares to Southern Miss today, I advise all LSU fans to act with decorum. Whatever the kid does, he's doing it for his own reasons, and he owes us NOTHING. And no, he's not making the mistake of a lifetime. He would be missing out on opportunities to compete for BCS bowls and/or national championships, but if his goal is to go to the NFL, it is certainly true that the NFL takes talent from all over the country, even from non-power conferences!

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