Thursday, August 30, 2007

GameDay: Mississippi State

Wow. The fateful day is finally here. We play Mississippi State tonight at 7:00pm Central. There's been so much said about it that it's hard to think of new stuff to say.

Tonight, I will be parked in front of the TV, with a plate of jambalaya, watching the action unfold. I will have it on Tivo, so I'll probably watch it several times between tonight and next Saturday. A football game goes rather quickly when you can fast forward between plays and through commercials.

My routine is that I watch the game straight live. Then, assuming it's a win and I can stomach watching it more, I watch it a couple more times, each time focusing on certain individual players. Last year, I focused on players getting their first meaningful playing time. Last year, in replays, I focused on Ciron Black, Luke Sanders, Pete Dyakowski, Darry Beckwith, and Richard Dickson. It is quite informative to watch a single player on every play. It tells you an awful lot about how they play and what their assignments are.

Today, my child, in a move sure to win her a ton of friends at daycare, will be wearing her LSU onesie and a purple and gold bow in her hair.


I just want to say, I think it is always distasteful, no matter how it is meant, to say that it is a good thing for a college football team that a player got seriously injured. One of the Finebaum replacements yesterday, in discussing the injury to Bama defensive tackle Bryan Motley, said over and over again, that this would help the team in the long term. Motley injured his leg or ankle, and will be out for more than half of his redshirt freshman season, perhaps for all of it. It's not a good thing in any way that got injured, and I'm sure he, his parents, his teammates, and his friends appreciate hearing how Motley's suffering is in the long term best interests of the team.

Good job, guys.

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A. Pittman said...

Yeah, the daycare teachers were not impressed. (Except for the teacher whose in-laws are from Gonzales. Y'all need to play the "do you know/ who are your people game."

I didn't see the Miss. State kid. He might have been in the other room.