Thursday, August 30, 2007

Live Blogging: The Suckiest Suck That Ever Sucked

7:23 Due to storms, my satellite has been out for the last 15 minutes or so. I saw MSU's first possession and their punt. That's it. We're threatening to score, and I can't see any of it.

7:26 And I miss the first score of the season.

7:43 I'm back on TV now. We look a little sluggish, which I suppose is to be expected. At least the defense came up with a big stop earlier.

8:34 Halftime. For the record, I would have kicked a field goal there. I have no future in coaching.

Alright, we're winning almost despite ourselves here. I think that's pretty clear. First, let's hand it to the MSU defense, which is a lot better than I expected. Our offensive line is struggling, and it's not just Carnell Stewart. He's struggling the most, but he's not the only one. Flynn is out of sync, and hasn't come up with a big play.

Congrats to Terrance Tolliver getting his first college reception. Many more will come. It was a big reception too, because we wouldn't have scored that TD without him making that play.

The defense is just as dominant as advertised. MSU has put together exactly one sustained drive, but couldn't do anything with it because our guys made a play on 3rd down, and MSU never got the 4th down play going. Henig is not a great QB, but I admire his tenacity. Unfortunately, his tenacity is hurting his team. He'd probably make a VERY good Division II quarterback, but he's out of his league in the SEC.

In the second half, we can start rotating backups in a little bit to keep the starters fresh.

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