Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Sure Am Glad I'm Not a Real Journalist

If I was, I might be forced to do something unthinkable, like issue some kind of apology or something for yesterday's post. In case you missed the news, the manager of the Kona Grill, where the Perrilloux incident reportedly took place, has denied any incident ever happened. This means, of course that we may never find out what, if anything, happened this weekend that has kept Ryan Perrilloux out of practice this week.

Of course, rumors abound yet again.

Among the more common rumors we've heard is that the Kona manager was bought off, meaning the incident happened precisely as reported, but is being covered up. You can believe this if you want, but I don't see a whole lot of purpose in executing a cover-up like this, so I don't think it happened.

The other rumor is the Ryan simply did not complete his required workouts in time to get to practice. A complementary rumor is that this may be a result of Ryan's baby being born during this time, perhaps prematurely.

The third rumor is that the Perrilloux suspension and the Shomari Clemons incident are linked. In case you did not hear, reserve freshman linebacker Shomari Clemons was issued a misdemeanor citation and summons to Court to answer to misdemeanor charges of shoving a police officer. He was not arrested (perhaps only through luck). We can expect a substantial suspension of Clemons.

Alright, we all know that Les Miles has never been particularly forthcoming about issues like this. We'll probably never get a definitive statement on what exactly happened this weekend with regard to Perrilloux that has kept him out of practice. But there are some things we know.

We know that Ryan still has never been arrested. He has never been accused of assault or other crime of violence, drug activity, theft of property or any other common crime football players get accused of. He has always maintained academic eligibility. The kid seems to be a magnet for troublesome behavior, but has never done anything truly outrageous that we know of.

I see no reason not to keep him around.


Joshua said...

If you think he's maintained academic eligibility, then -I can't even finish this comment with a straight face.

He seems to be a magnet for trouble because he is trouble.

This (his time here at LSU) will not end well.

jimherehi said...

I hope all the LSU athletes have the good sense to steer clear of Perrilloux. A young, impressionable person could become involved in a situation where legal charges are levied. In my profession, I often see someone who would never do anything illegal but happens to hang around with someone who has a quick temper and before he knows it he is in over his head in a criminal situation.

Richard Pittman said...

Joshua, he has never been academically ineligible. Academic ineligibility does not result in a one-game suspension or a two-game suspension. It lasts for an entire semester or longer. Ricky Jean-Francois was academically ineligible. Ryan Perrilloux never was.

I just don't see this great fear of lawlessness. Here are the problems Perrilloux has had that have become public:

1. Some shadowy stuff about having counterfeit money. This is easily the most serious thing that's ever happened, and he was never charged with a crime.

2. Using someone else's ID to get into a casino.

3. Getting into an argument with bouncers at the Varsity, which later turned out to be (apparently) the bouncers' fault.

4. Missing team meetings and classes.

5. Whatever this is, which is currently unknown.

He hasn't ever beaten up his girlfriend or gotten involved in drugs or stuck a gun in someone's face or broken into a house or even gotten into a physical fight, that we know of.

Joshua said...

I meant the academically eligible with a wink and a smirk. Yes, LSU says he's made the grades.

Through pure dumb luck, I have been in a position to know otherwise about that and the fight.