Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bama: The Day After

We just can't stand prosperity. With LSU up 17-3 and looking to get the ball back in good field position to put the game away, we made the first of many big mistakes on the game, and that started the ball rolling downhill on us, allowing Bama to take a lead and eventually go ahead in the game by 10 points before we started clawing back to eventually win.

This team cannot stand prosperity, but they are also a gutty team that simply does not quit. This is a team that can't get out of its own way, but simply refuses to let someone else beat them. I've never seen a team like it, and I don't think I can stand to see a team like this again. It's too stressful to watch them play tight, mistake-filled, heroic games. I'm glad we win these games more than we lose them, but we were really on the verge of blowing Bama out before letting them back in it. I'd like to get a nice blowout win in the conference at some point again.

This was a game in which, despite the 34 points on the scoreboard for Bama, our defense really dominated. Bama scored a special teams touchdown and scored 10 points on short fields they got by turnover. They scored another touchdown on a big play where we should have been able to get off the field (I think it was a bad call to flag Tyson Jackson for roughing the passer). Bama only had one really long sustained drive the entire game, and that's to be expected in every game. The defense was great.

The offense struggled, obviously, with three turnovers and another two that were ALMOST turned over. Several times, including late in the first half, it looked like we were in good shape, only to end up behind at halftime, and even further behind late in the 3rd quarter.

As the game was progressing, I didn't notice that Demetrius Byrd ended up with 144 yards receiving. He has really emerged as a heck of a player for us, even though one of Flynn's interceptions was at least partly his fault. He's pretty clearly our #2 receiver right now. He's a finalist for the GeauxTuscaloosa Offensive Skill Position Player of the Week (though if any of you have looked at the box score for the Ark-S.Car. game, you know who's getting it this week).

I don't want to get too caught up in criticism. Fact is, we went on the road in the SEC to a very hostile environment and we came away with a win. In a year like this, any SEC game you win should be satisfying. Heck, any SEC win should be satisfying, even if it's not on the road. This is a season in which Ole Miss took Florida AND Alabama to the wire, and they haven't actually won a conference game. I will say this, however. Any game in which we avoid penalties and turnovers, we will win by at least two touchdowns. Any game we play like last night, we will keep the opponent in the game no matter who they are.

We get Louisiana Tech next, in a game that only matters for the national rankings. I will appreciate the relief. After that, we get Ole Miss, who is certainly capable of beating us if we play mistake-ridden football. If we beat Ole Miss, we play for the conference championship.


uberschuck said...

Demetrius Byrd in man coverage = good things for LSU.

Tyson Jackson gets a lot of penalties for late hits, but he gets more batted-down passes. He's got great vision and knack for that.

Chad Jones made a few timely big plays. The coaches made a timely decision to put Doucet in to field punts after Jones bobbled one.

Lafell deserved to be demoted, but he responded well when we finally got him the ball on those underneath routes late in the game. That should help his confidence.

Anonymous said...

Tuscaloosa is not really a hostile environment. Not like Gainesville or Auburn. Those people really hate the opposition. We are still expecting coach Bryant to show up at half time and intimidate the opposition without much effort from the fans. like the old days. Anyway, LSU has so much NFL type talent I could could have coached that team to a 30 point victory over Bama. Either Saban or Miles should have won several championships. LSU fans should not get in a wad about Saban. A great coach with that talent would have blown out everyone in the past 6 years. Including Florida. by the way, Isn't Richard doing blog during work hours on Company time ? The Bama Boss.