Saturday, November 3, 2007

Game Day: Bama

The game that has been 10 months in the making is finally here, or will be in a few hours. I for one am very excited. Of course, it is even more exciting to me because I live here, in Tuscaloosa, among Bama fans, with a Bama-rooting wife, and with a baby over whom we are struggling for football supremacy.

That baby, by the way, has been incredibly active this morning. I think she senses something in the air and wants to drive her father crazy over it. Now that I've started typing, she has calmed down a little. Uhh.. spoke too soon.

What are my plans for today?

8:00-11:30: Cook gumbo; go to Bruno's and buy a rack of ribs. Over the course of the day, we'll have people coming over for a Louisiana-Alabama fusion of bar-b-que ribs and chicken & sausage gumbo.

11:30-3:00: Vandy at Florida, Lincoln Financial. I haven't seen Vandy play in a while, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I'm also looking forward to seeing Florida possibly lose again, though I know it's probably a long-shot. Florida's going to be great next year, but I sure would like to see them end the season at 7-5 or something like that. If Tebow is 100%, forget it. If he's not, the key will be how Vandy can match up with Florida's athletic receivers.

3:00-4:00: Pace around the house a lot. Maybe yell at the dog a little.

4:00-8:00: Need it even be said? Of course, I'll be watching the festivities on television. I've gone over this game enough already, I think, and there's no real reason to talk about the matchup any more. At this point, I just want to plea for sanity. I don't want to see the town become an ugly scene. Whatever happens, Bama fan or LSU fan, please realize it is just football. Get to town, watch the game, and get home without incident. I'll just be staying home, and I'm pretty sure my wife won't try to beat me up.

8:00-11:00 or so: South Carolina at Arkansas, ESPN2. This will be a good come-down from the game. Then tomorrow we get back on with our lives.


Mean Lil Black and Gold Girl said...

Enjoy your day!!
I'm a little nervous. Logic dictates we should win, but logic hasn't exactly won out this season. But John Parker Wilson ain't Andre Woodson, and nobody is looking past Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Gumbo and ribs???? I've never had that combo before. But, what the heck. Anything served with gumbo is good, and anything served with ribs is good. So therefore, gumbo and ribs served together has got to be great. I think that is some kind of mathematical equation.

uberschuck said...

Who is making book on the Aimee--Richard fight? I want to put money on Aimee.

Poseur said...

I don't know. Richard can throw a mean elbow. I'm betting on the baby.

Richard Pittman said...

There was no fight whatsoever. We're good about that. We managed to watch the whole game together without incident.