Saturday, December 1, 2007

Game Day: SEC Championship Game

The game is here. The game that the entire SEC season is built to get to. The game that gives the winner a championship to brag about for all time. No one seems to care very much.

You know what? To hell with all this negativity. Yes, we appear to have a lame duck coach and a defensive coordinator with one foot out the door already. But we also have an SEC championship on the line, and we really have been the best team in the league from wire to wire. We don't have any bad loss on our schedule like Georgia's beatdown to Tennessee or Tennessee's beat down to Bama. We absolutely deserve to be here, and despite our struggles to dominate teams, we have won all those games.

The problems? Well, we still have a badly beat-up defense, and reports are that we will have to start Ryan Perrilloux because of injuries to Matt Flynn. Good luck Ryan. I hope you emerge as the next great LSU quarterback.

This is the last truly meaningful game for a great group of seniors, and while I remain saddened that they won't get the opportunity to play for the national championship, they have the opportunity to go out as champions and to get an opportunity for a very nice bowl game.

What are we going to do with Tennessee? Well, I think Tennessee has a pretty weak defense that is vulnerable both to the run and to the pass. It's not a particularly athletic defense up front, and not a very experienced defense in the secondary. I think our offense is strong enough and fast enough to really exploit it.

The problem is that their offense is very good, and our defense is struggling. They are capable of running and passing very well. Our defense will really have to pick itself up off the mat for this game because Tennessee's offense is just as powerful as Arkansas's or Kentucky's, the two that really lit us up.

Then when it's over, we can refocus on the coaching situation.

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