Sunday, December 23, 2007

GeauxTuscaloosa Has a Friend

Someone out there has quoted and linked to me about a dozen times, and until yesterday I had no idea he was out there. The Best of the SEC Blogs, who is a Kentucky fan who specializes in surveying other SEC blogs and discussing the mood of various SEC fans, apparently includes me within its rotation of blog readership and quoteship. Here is a quote from BotSECB's introductory post:
So what are we doing here? Well, Best of the SEC Blogs is kind of a metablog, or "blog of blogs". What we intend to do is scan the Southeastern Conference blogosphere for the best, most cogent and interesting of commentary on SEC sports. We will also be offering commentary on select posts from SEC blog sites, and hopefully tie it all together into a running conversation that will offer interest and value to all fans of SEC sports.
[Emphasis added]. Well, it appears I often put together some of the best, most cogent and interesting of commentary on SEC Sports because I'm a frequent unwitting guest star, always in a respectful way, mind you.

He/she also has a considerable blog roll of other SEC blogs. Frankly, the posts on Best of the SEC Blogs show a dedication to blog readership I have not been able to match since I got out of school. But if any of you are looking for, say, a Georgia Bulldog blog, Best of the SEC Blogs lists 18 of them for your convenience.

Things are still pretty slow over here at GeauxTuscaloosa. The basketball team hasn't been on TV in a while. Football is quietly practicing for the championship game. Recruiting is in an NCAA-imposed dead period. During this "dead period", there can be no visits (official or otherwise) and phone calls to recruits are strictly limited. It began on December 16 and ends on January 4. After that, it's a one-month sprint to Signing Day.

Off the internet, the end of college football season and the television writers' strike has meant that the GeauxTuscaloosa family is reading more books and renting more movies. I read Meat Market, the book about Ed Orgeron's 2007 recruiting season. I will have a write-up on it soon.

So, in large part, this was a kind of scattershot post. I'm just letting you know I'm still out here and still keeping up.


BestofSEC said...

Thanks for the linkage. I appreciate that.

Glad you stopped by. Keep up the good work.

Poseur said...

Read The Blind Side while you're at it. It's mainlky about the development of the left tackle position, but it is primarily about the recruitment of Michael Oher, which is downright fascinating.

And trust me, be happy the basketball game wasn't on TV. It was hard enough to listen to on the internet. It's not good.