Monday, January 14, 2008

I watched some NFL action

I watched a little NFL football this week, which I do only infrequently unless the Saints are having success.

I'm a guy who naturally gravitates towards underdogs. If I have no emotional attachment to an organization one way or the other, I will usually find myself rooting for the underdog in any particular game.

That means, despite the abundance of former LSU players on the New England Patriots (Kevin Faulk, Jarvis Green, Eric Alexander, Randal Gay, the late Marquis Hill), I would have a natural affinity for the San Diego Chargers who will be prohibitive underdogs against them next week. The Patriots, as anyone who even vaguely follows the NFL knows, are really really good.

But recently, I've gotten to know Chargers QB Philip Rivers just a little bit, and he is very very hard to root for. A couple weeks ago, I saw him trash-talking after a game to a team that was very overmatched. Yesterday, I saw him taunting Indianapolis Colts fans after his injury and after his team had won the game.

It was very punkish, and made Philip Rivers, of whom I know almost nothing other than what I've written here, frankly detestable.

I hope New England kicks his ass next week. I also hope Jarvis Green and Eric Alexander get to take shots at him. Taunt him while you're at it.

More college stuff tomorrow.


uberschuck said...

I've noticed the same thing about Rivers. Now that TO's season is over (and I had a thrill of schadenfreude watching him cry), I think Rivers is my most hateable player remaining. He deserves a humbling.

Speaking of former Tigers, Corey Webster did a fine job on TO yesterday. There was a bogus penalty on him, but aside from that, he was fine down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Rivers. He seems to cry when things go wrong and talk a lot of smack when things go right. He's an ass.


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