Saturday, January 5, 2008

OK So I Lied

I promised you more on Ohio State and I didn't deliver. The simple fact is, I don't have more on Ohio State. I know pretty much only what I told you on Thursday. They're a physical, talented team with a good running back, a good but not particularly variegated passing attack, a tremendous front 7 on the defensive side, but perhaps a vulnerable secondary.

That's about all I have. I will say this, though. I don't know why we're favored in this game. Well, I take that back. I know why we're favored, I just don't agree with it. We're favored because Florida waxed them last year, and made them look pretty bad in the process.

The thing is, the more I look at this, the more I think that was not representative of how good Ohio State was or is. I think they just had a bad game, for whatever reason. I don't think they genuinely are unable to stay on the field with the best of the SEC. I think they played their worst, and people are mistakenly believing that their worst was their average.

If you want evidence, just look at what Michigan did to Florida this year, and Michigan was not even a particularly good Big 10 team, while we've all said Florida is maybe the best team we've played this year.

I think, healthy, and with a lot of time to prepare, we are an excellent team. This may be LSU vs. Virginia Tech all over again. But it probably won't be. I'm not looking for a blowout. I'm just hoping we pull out a win.

Other News: It could be a big day in recruiting, as it looks like we will get two verbal commitments from the players listed in my Christmas Recruiting Update. Check out the US Army All America Game starting at noon on NBC.

In personal news, I am currently in Louisiana for my brother's wedding. We had the rehearsal dinner last night and had a lot of fun. Then we had to try to get the baby to sleep. That wasn't so much fun.

Now, I'm off to Cal's Bakery to get some donuts. It's a ritual.

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