Saturday, March 3, 2007

If in doubt, tell someone else to do it

The big sports news of the next month will be March Madness. Since I consider myself utterly incompetent to talk about and analyze March Madness, I have invited a guest blogger. You should be happy. Most "journalists" don't let a little thing like total ignorance stop them from writing on a topic. I, on the other hand, won't embarrass myself like that. Yet.

Meet Poseur. He is far more qualified than I am to talk about March Madness. Hell, he's far more qualified than I am to talk about most any sports topic. He's also at least as big of an LSU fan as I am. He just didn't think of doing his own daily LSU blog first. Either that or his law school and beer-drinking obligations leave him insufficient time for it.

He'll do a lot of guest coverage of March Madness, and I've invited him to stick around once that is over. He has complete creative control over his own posts, so if you don't like what he says, complain to him.

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