Saturday, March 24, 2007

Round 3

After 3 rounds of basketball, here is the scoring:

Richard: 585 points, Brandon Rush remaining
Scott: 584 points, Corey Brewer remaining
Poseur: 487 points, Julian Wright and Jeff Green remaining
Jason: 472 points, Mario Chalmers and Jeff Green remaining
Daniel: 394 points, Mario Chalmers and Jeff Green remaining

I think it's probably a 2-man race at this point, even though Poseur and Jason have an extra player. Scott and I simply have too much of a head start. Poseur got hosed by UNLV's Wendell White and Kansas's Julian Wright only getting 7 points each. He lost ground in a round where he could have gained ground.

Poseur and Jason will close the gap in the next round, but they really need for Jeff Green to go off for 30 points or so if they want to start catching up. Poseur needs Julian Wright to start putting up more points than Brewer and Rush as well.

Focusing on the top 2, Scott and I are separated by a razor thin margin, and I think it's obvious that the winner will come down to whichever of Kansas or Florida advances the farthest. If they both play the same number of games, there's no way to predict who will win it.

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