Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheese Around the SEC, Part 1

This is a new series on this site, to be completed by the end of the week if no big news erupts in that time.  It may be periodically updated as more cheese becomes evident.  

This feature will profile cheesy people around the SEC, and try to categorize their cheese.

OK, it's really not your fault. It's my fault, because my cynicism can't quite accept your All-American Boy image. I expect my great athletes to have a dark side. If you have one, you have hid it well so far.

Yes, there are the numerous pictures on the internet of you hanging out with curvaceous women. Sure, you are a fantastic college football player that I would love to have on my team. But come on. You have to admit that the pictures of you in Superman costumes are a little cheesy.

I think a lot of people would liken you to Captain America, but I think you're more like Bucky. Where Captain America was idealistic, Bucky was blindly idealistic. Where Captain America generally believed in the goodness of man, it was tinged with a knowledge that evil was a powerful temptation. Bucky was blindly optimistic, just learning that evil existed.

Yes, there is cheese there, but the product is undeniably high quality. You also have to look pretty hard to find the cheese in there, but it's there. You are tiramisu.

Tomorrow: Cheesy Grits

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Joshua said...

*chortle* Reaaalllllly looking forward to the rest of these.

Nice words on the BCS/playoffs down there.