Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Max Holmes Leaves the Football Team

Good luck to this fella. This is Max Holmes, and he has decided to leave the LSU football team to transfer to Stephen F. Austin to play out his final year of eligibility.

Max was part of Nick Saban's last recruiting class in 2004, and was one of only 10 players still remaining on the team from that class. Holmes is not leaving out of discontent or anything of the sort. By all accounts he loved his time at LSU and gave his all in his role as a backup offensive lineman.

Max Holmes is leaving LSU because he has graduated, and has decided to enroll in a graduate program at Stephen F. Austin this year rather than next. His future is not in football, and he has decided to move forward with his future now rather than play out another year as a backup lineman. He has one year of eligibility remaining, which he will be able to use at SFA. After that, he'll be just another really big dude with a good education and some nice stories to tell about his time on a championship-calibre college football team.

Because Holmes is a senior, it was expected that he would be leaving his scholarship open for a 2009 recruit anyway, so this defection does not help for the 2009 class. It does, however, open up a scholarship spot for a walk-on who has been with the team for a little while. We have no idea who that is yet, but any time you fall under the 85 scholarship limit, which it appears we will for this year, a walk-on gets a little help.

Good luck, Max. Represent us well in whatever you do.


Anonymous said...

Loved your report, but he has 2 years...not 1...therefore he will be at Steven F. Austin to finish his Masters.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post, but Max grey shirted so his eligibility still has 2 yrs not 1 yr.

Anonymous said...

even better.

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