Friday, May 2, 2008

Poseur: The Jarrett Lee Era Starts Now

Ryan Perrilloux’s decent is nearly complete in becoming the biggest waste of talent to go through the LSU program since Cecil Collins. Make no mistake, Perrilloux is a phenomenal player and LSU will be a worse team without him. But there comes a time when you finally have to cut bait. Miles gave Perrilloux chance after second chance, all of which Perrilloux has blown. After a failed drug test, Perrilloux had run out of chances. Miles hand was forced, and he showed his star quarterback the door.

An ESPN poll, while admittedly a non-scientific study, showed that almost 94% of 21,000 voters believe Miles did the right thing. You can’t get 94% of any group of people to agree on anything.

I don’t think Miles was wrong to give Perrilloux so many chances. His sins, though multitude, have always been more in the classification of general stupidity than truly harmful. But there were just so many slip ups that eventually, he had no good grace to fall back on when he tested positive, allegedly, for cocaine.

Perrilloux is looking to transfer to Southern, where he can play right away. And I really do wish him nothing but the best. I genuinely hope he can turn his life around because he is going full-throttle down a pretty awful self-destructive course. I’m not talking about not getting into the NFL, I’m worried he’s not going to stay out of jail. Hopefully, this is the thing he needs to finally straighten out and take control of his life. Because the road he is on right now does not end in a happy place.

Just ask Cecil Collins.


Anonymous said...

I am just glad that he did not involve another player in his stupidity. It is bad enough to lose one quality player, two would be a huge loss. Better that this happened now than in the middle of the next season. Face it, he would have screwed up again.

Richard Pittman said...

Sometimes you make a big, long post that is very important to you, and that is actually potentially a marker for your blog, and then something like Ryan Perrilloux testing positive for drugs comes along and ruins it.

This is a very disappointing day for LSU football, but you can't say Mr. Perrilloux didn't ask for it.

Richard Pittman said...

More on this tomorrow from me.

BillytheKid said...

Ouch! But it's going to be a wild ride now.

Poseur said...

Yeah, and you're left with me dashing off my initial reaction in ten minutes just so we wouldn't be caught with our pants down.

I'm sure Pittman will have a more meaningful post tommorrow, but I just wanted to get my initial gut reaction. I'm not angry. i'm just sad for Perrilloux. And I'm worried he's gonna be Cecil Collins, who I still believe is the most impressive football player I have ever seen. What a waste.

jimherehi said...

Since I have not been paying a whole lot of attention to the backup quarterback, please give me some insights as to our future.

Richard Pittman said...

Yeah, I posted at about 6:30am and the news came out maybe an hour after that. Here I am with the biggest story of the year sitting out there being discussed by all of Tigerdom and I'm sitting here talking about a playoff.

As for our future, I will have some thoughts on that tomorrow. It's just sort of a mystery though. Jarrett Lee has never played, and Hatch has only played sparingly. We don't really know what they bring, but we know they do not give us the talent-level that Perrilloux gave us.

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