Friday, May 4, 2007

Finebaum's Hatchet Job

Short post today. As many of you may have seen, Paul Finebaum penned a hatchet job against Les Miles and LSU, something he is becoming quite adept at doing.

Perhaps "adept" is not the right word, because it implies a high level of competence. I think the word I'm looking for in place of adept is "prolific". Anyway, all you need to know about this attempted assassination to know how flat it falls is this sentence:

It's so comical that I honestly feel sorry for LSU fans.

Oh really? The situation in LSU's football program is so comical that you "feel sorry" for us? Miles is 22-4 over two years, a two-year record Nick Saban matched exactly one time at LSU, even when he was coaching "Nick Saban talent". Miles did it in the face of a certain hurricane in 2006, the loss of his #1 running back to injury before the season started, and a hellish road schedule in 2007.

Then Les Miles put together the most heralded recruiting class in LSU history.

I realize one thing here, and it's something I've discussed before. Finebaum is deliberately being an agent prococateur and is writing simply to draw attention to himself. He doesn't care if it's negative attention he's getting. He knows that people who hate you are just as likely to read your columns and listen to your radio show as people who love you. It's good marketing.

He crossed the line from being a simple agent provocateur to being a pure yellow journalist, however. And his statement that he pities us is laughable. News flash: LSU is a top 5 program in the country. Bama is not a top 5 program in the SEC.

I'm going to do my part to turn that around. I'm taking 100.5 off of my radio presets. I won't listen to it at all anymore. And yes, I have in the past listened to Finebaum as well as other programs on that station, including the morning show with Jay Barker, Al del Greco, and whoever is the radio professional on that show. Not anymore. That which is associated with this level of yellow journalism must not be patronized.

Also, I won't read those newspapers which publish his columns.

I encourage others to do the same. Ignore him. Ignore his broadcasts. Ignore his colleagues. Don't discuss his opinions further. Don't ever give him any more attention whatsoever.

And no, I'm not linking the article.

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