Friday, May 18, 2007

Why the East Will be Exciting

The competitiveness of the East is one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to football season this year. Want to have a short list of reasons why the East will be so much fun this year? Here is my list of the best skill position players by position:

Best Quarterback: Andre Woodson, Kentucky
Best Running Back: Corey Boyd, South Carolina
Best Wide Receiver: Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt

You heard me. None of the best skill position players come out of the tradition Big Three of Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. And really, the only argument here is at Wide Receiver. Percy Harvin and Andre Caldwell of Florida could have a claim on the #1 returning receiver spot, but Earl Bennett had more receiving yards and almost as many catches as the two of them combined last year.

What's more, the second best quarterback is probably Blake Mitchell of South Carolina. The second best running back is arguably Cason Jackson-Garrison of Vandy, but is more likely Lamarcus Coker of Tennessee.

That's why the East is going to be so fun this year. South Carolina is arguably the pre-season favorite to win the division. Kentucky, though not particularly good, is dangerous and capable of pulling an upset on anyone because Andre Woodson is so good. Even Vandy has a legitimate chance at a winning season and a bowl appearance if Chris Nickson develops as a quarterback.

So, happy watching this year.

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