Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Beyond football

Of course by now you've heard about the shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech. This is bound to create reactions in people, but one of the things I find the most repugnant is how when a tragedy like this occurs, the first thing many people worry about is how it will affect sports.

The Virginia Tech incident is not a sports story. Sports stories rarely include the violent deaths of more than 30 young people. If your reaction to deaths of over 30 young people is something to the effect of, "You have to start wondering if any varsity athletes were killed or wounded in this crazy event at Virginia Tech," then I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.

For today, we'll just leave it at that. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of those directly affected.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you will continue to provide us with your expert analysis on various subjects . As far as the VT incident is concern, I concur with your sentiments. But when the dust settles, I think this should serve as another wake up call for us to take a closer look at what kind of guns are being made. The gun manufacturer should not be able to make these rapid-fire, mass murdering weapons. I believe in the constitution and I will never call for our government to take our right to bare arms away. But I think the problem is clearly the type of weapons that is avalible out there now. Thoughts and pryers to the families and friends of those that are involve in this tragedy.

Richard Pittman said...

Thanks for your comments. I'm reserving judgment on what this all MEANS, and this is not a political blog anyway.

I'm glad you like the blog though.