Friday, April 27, 2007

Light blogging

There will be light blogging for the near future. There are several reasons:
  • I have taken my small, young family to Louisiana to go on the "Baby Tour", bringing our child to friends and relatives who have not yet seen her.
  • Not a lot is going on at the moment LSU-wise, except for the NFL Draft. Everyone is pretty much done with their Spring practices. We're entering kind of a dead period for football news.
Really, about the only thing I have to do right now, LSU-wise is watch the Draft, which I will do at least for a bit. I'm here at my parents' house in Gonzales, and we're all big Saints fans.

As an LSU fan, you can watch and marvel as 3 LSU players will likely be drafted in the first round, including likely #1 overall pick Jamarcus Russell. Laron Landry will be drafted in the top 10, and Dwayne Bowe will be drafted in the mid-to-late first round. At least another three will likely be drafted later in the draft.

Look for Craig Davis to be taken in the second round, perhaps late in the 1st round, but that's unlikely. Jessie Daniels, Chase Pittman (no relation), Justin Vincent, Daniel Francis, Peter Dyakowski, and Brian Johnson also could be drafted. This draft will see anywhere from 5 to 10 LSU players drafted, though 10 is very unlikely.

The part of me that is a combination LSU-fan and Saints fan would really like for the Saints to be in position to draft Dwayne Bowe, but it's unlikely that he will fall all the way to the Saints' pick at #27. Craig Davis will likely be available then, but that's really too high to pick him, and he probably won't be available when the Saints pick in the second round.

I don't know if the Saints are even looking at those guys, but I would love to see one of those guys in a Saints uniform.

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