Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 Months to Go

Today marks 2 months until the August 30 opener against Mississippi State. It's also the end of this blog's 4th full month of coverage. I've enjoyed it immensely. I think it's time to take stock just a bit.

I'm actually slightly surprised at how prolific we've been here. June is usually a very slow month for college sports news, but this will be the 31st post of the month. I've posted almost every day, and Poseur has brought good content as well. I've had surprisingly little trouble finding inspiration in this blog. Of course, it helps that I cheat a little bit by going away from sports about one day per week.

Anyway, there is still lots to cover. Here are some topics that must be written about before teh season starts:
  • I'm going to give some kind of preview of the SEC. I haven't decided how detailed it will be. Maybe I'll preview each team individually. Maybe I'll preview each Division individually.
  • I have to, of course, finish the profiles of 2007 recruits.
  • I'm thinking about doing an SEC fantasy football pool. I already know how I want to do it, if I do it. I just haven't decided if it's something I want to do or not.
  • In-depth previews of the LSU football team, broken down by position, though I have already done this at least a little bit.
  • A discussion of Jacob Hester, a really good runing back who few people seem to understand (or perhaps who everyone understands except me).

Of course, LSU Nation is sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out what will become of Ryan Perrilloux. We're also busily fretting about what may be a down year in recruiting for 2008 (to be followed by an expected spectacular year in 2009).

Next month will hopefully be as exciting as this month was.

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