Friday, June 29, 2007

Quick Notes

A couple quick notes, not in reference to the earlier post of the day:
  • I need to announce a Blog Alliance with BearMeat, a Baylor sports blog that is really entertaining, despite the rather homo-erotic name of their little club, the BearBackers. I met them through Poseur, our occasional guest-writer, who is a member of the BearBackers and has written for BearMeat. They were kind enough to be complimentary towards our blog here, and their blog is really quite entertaining. I'll never be quite as funny as they are.
  • And finally, congratulations are in order to Glen "Big Baby" Davis who was drafted 35th in the NBA draft last night, and his rights traded to the Boston Celtics, which I maintain should be pronounced with a hard C, but it will never happen. He won't get guaranteed money due to not being drafted in the first round, but he has a legitimate shot to make this team.


Red Andrews said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Pittman. Long live the Alliance!

Red Andrews
BearMeat's Geaux Tuscaloosa Liaison

uberschuck said...

The Keltics? Yikes! Richard Pittman has a legitimate shot to make that team.

Richard Pittman said...


Vince said...

If you want to talk fantasy college football, check us out at

Good to meet ya.