Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 Recruiting - Jarrett Lee

LSU signed only one QB in the 2007 class, after signing none in 2006. It is a risk that very well may backfire on us if Ryan Perrilloux can't stay with the team.. If Perrilloux is not on the team for 2007, then LSU has only two scholarship QBs on the roster: 5th year senior Matt Flynn and incoming freshman Jarrett Lee, 6'2", 192 #, 4.7 40, 4-star recruit out of Brenham, Texas.

Am I worried about the prospect of our potential national-championship-contending squad being quarterbacked by a guy who was reading high school defenses less than one year ago? You bet I am. Let's all be very hopeful that Matt Flynn stays healthy and that Ryan Perrilloux. I'm not really one to criticize the Les Miles regime, but if this situation blows up in our faces, the blame falls squarely on Miles for not signing a QB in 2006.

But anyway... While it is certainly nothing new that I use this series, ostensibly about profiling prospects, to illustrate larger points well beyond mere profiling, let's at least try to focus on the positive.

The positive here is that Jarrett Lee looks like a good quarterback. It's not his fault he may be our 2nd stringer and may himself be backed up by no one. OK, there's Jimmy Welker, who I often have to remind myself is not Frank Welker, the legendary voice actor who gave us Scooby-Doo's Fred, Jabberjaw, Schmoo, Mohawk from the Gremlins, and the original Megatron. Seriously, check out the dude's IMDB page. He's one of the bigwigs of cartoon voice-acting.

Is it a good thing that my first thought about our potential 3rd string QB is that he is NOT the voice of Jabberjaw? I'll let you decide the answer to that. I feel an irresistible urge to link to my posts about why it isn't necessary to treat all discipline problems the same.

Alright alright. Back to Jarrett Lee. You can tell from his stats that he is tall, slightly built, and not particularly fast. His videos show a solid arm, but he won't be confused with Jamarcus Russell's cannon. He's got good touch, and looks like he's a QB in the Danny Wuerffel mode, which is not a bad thing. He throws with good touch and finds the open man. If you want a more recent comparison, I think he looks a lot like a young Drew Tate. In his last two years of high school, he threw for 71 touchdowns and over 6000 yards, but I doubt you're going to see any of JR's patented 50 yard heaves while leaning on his back foot. Lee is more of a touch passer, but his videos suggest he does that well.

Let's hope he's a fast study.

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