Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quothe the Raven, "Eat My Shorts"

For my first Father's Day, my wife gave me seasons 2 through 6 of The Simpsons on DVD. I quite adore the early seasons of the Simpsons, and yes, I still watch the newer episodes even though the quality has declined a bit. Yesterday, I watched the first Treehouse of Terror special, which includes this brilliant adaptation of The Raven.


uberschuck said...

To say The Simpsons has declined a bit is to be charitable. However, their short of The Raven is quite possibly one of the best TV clips ever.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely great. I've heard of high school English classes showing it to their students. It seems almost blasphemous to use the Simpsons as a teaching tool, but there you go.