Friday, June 8, 2007

New 2008 Commitment - Thomas Parsons

The LSU football and baseball programs got a lot of good news yesterday. First, Thomas Parsons, an offensive lineman from Spring Branch, Texas, a massive 6'6" 265# offensive tackle gave his verbal commitment to the Tigers. He will likely be a 3-star when the first set of rankings are complete. He had a long list of offers, including an offer from the University of Texas. He's considered a "fast riser" who may gain a star as his senior season goes along.

Offensive tackle is a giant need in this class. It was thin to begin with this off-season and then Zhamal Thomas and Kyle Anderson were kicked off the team. Thomas Parsons is the first pure Tackle signed (though Matt Branch may be moved to tackle), and it's possible we'll take two more.

In further LSU football news also relevant to the LSU baseball team, Chad Jones, who was one of the marquee signees of the 2007 football recruiting class was not selected in the MLB draft yesterday. Major League Baseball began its draft yesterday, holding the first 5 rounds. Jones hoped to be drafted in the first two rounds, but remains undrafted as the process heads into its second day. He has made statements to the media that he will sign with a major league team if the money is right.

Typically, players drafted outside of the first few rounds do not get very large signing bonuses, but is possible that teams are simply shying away from Jones due to his potential future in football. He will be drafted at some point today, and sometimes players who slip through the draft due to football get signing bonus offers that are much larger than those of players drafted near them. For example, rising sophomore Jared Mitchell was drafted in the 10th round of the MLB draft last year and reportedly turned down a contract offer that was similar to what would have been offered to a 2nd rounder.

We're not out of the woods with Chad Jones, but it is definitely good news for LSU fans that he was not drafted yesterday.

Only one LSU baseball signee was drafted on the first day. Drew Cumberland, shortstop signee from Florida, was selected in the "Compensation" round between the first and second rounds by the San Diego Padres. He is strongly expected to sign with the Padres and forego his college career. Other LSU signees were not drafted in the first 5 rounds and will probably end up reporting for duty in Baton Rouge.

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