Monday, June 4, 2007

2007 Recruits - John Williams

As a preliminary matter, it looks like sanity has reared its ugly head and caused Billy Donovan to change his mind about going to the NBA. I wonder why he ever thought about it in the first place.

This will be a continuing series, as I try to find ways to fill some column inches in this blog while so very little is going on. I will give a rundown of the recruits of LSU's 2007 recruiting class. Keep in mind, there is a handful of recruits I know little about, as they've been pretty quiet. Those I will handle collectively at some point. This series will be posted in no particular order, starting with John Williams.

John Williams, WR/DB, Breaux Bridge, LA, 5'11", 175#

He was one of the early commits for the 2007 class, and despite being a 4-star, is a rather unsung member of this class. He was recruited as an "athlete", meaning he was not promised or assigned to any one position. I think he'll probably end up at wide receiver, but he could be a cornerback.

He perhaps wasn't as widely heralded because he was injured his junior year, so there wasn't much hype on him before his commitment. His videos are some of the more impressive you will see, however. In high school, he played QB, DB, and returner. Like a lot of high school QBs, he played the position primarily because he was the best athlete on the team, and they wanted the ball in his hands every play. He's not a QB prospect, however.

While LSU got other recruits at the WR position, there are doubts about some of them qualifying academically, but John Williams is fully qualified. Quietly, he put together a great senior season at Breaux Bridge. I'm at least as excited about him as I am about certain recruits who got more press, namely Ron Brooks and Terrance Tolliver, both of whom are also very good prospects.

John Williams is, by the way, the cousin of former LSU great Dominick Davis, who is now called Dominick Williams.

Because he was not a receiver in high school, he probably has a steeper learning curve than some others, and may for that reason have to redshirt if he wants to play receiver. Or perhaps play sparingly. He may be given a bigger role immediately if he plays corner.

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