Friday, September 28, 2007

More on Florida

That's right. Gratuitous Bullwinkle images are back.

I have truly and completely run out of things to say about Tulane, which is amazing since I've said so little.

I want to say yet one more thing about the Florida quarterback. I've read an awful lot about how Tim Tebow is taking a lot of punishment and is going to get himself hurt. I've read about how quarterbacks shouldn't take those kinds of hits on a regular basis, and that he is a shoulder separation or broken collarbone waiting to happen.

I agree that Tebow is so valuable to Florida that they need to do everything they reasonably can to avoid getting him hurt, while at the same time not asking him to avoid the things that make him so dangerous. My bone of contention here is the unsupported assumption that Tebow is like other QBs. If Matt Flynn, Andre Woodson, John Parker Wilson, or Brandon Cox was taking 28 hits in a game, that would be a very big cause for concern indeed, but I don't think it's such a big deal for Tebow.

To avoid burying the lede further, my point here is that Tebow is a power running back with a strong and accurate arm. He's not a normal quarterback out there trying to get yards with quickness and foot speed. If Tebow had a weak or inaccurate arm, he'd be a Division 1 power running back in the PJ Hill (Wisconsin) or Jerome Bettis mold. If he wasn't a quarterback, he'd be one of the best power running backs in the country.

That is to say, while he is certainly not immune to injury, he's a lot tougher than your typical quarterback.

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