Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Virginia Tech: The Second Replay

With further gratuitous imagery of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. This replay, I watched left tackle Ciron Black on offense and the linebacker/nickelback Luke Sanders/Danny McCray combination on defense.

Last week, I said that Ciron Black had to play better than he played against MSU. He's a 2nd team pre-season All-SEC who gave up sacks and failed to get push. Well, against Virginia Tech, he played like an All-SEC offensive lineman. He dominated upfront, didn't allow any pressure on the quarterback, and unlike Carnell Stewart he got out in front and was able to block at the second level consistently. He was dominant, just as he needs to be.

On defense, I just have to say that Luke Sanders has to be the most often-criticized part-time player in LSU football history. If you watch the message boards, you'd think Luke Sanders was the worst linebacker in history. If you watch the game, you'll notice he's only in the game in the base 4-3 set. When LSU goes into its nickel package, Sanders is removed and safety Danny McCray is inserted. LSU is in its nickel package about half the time or more.

Despite his limited playing time, Luke Sanders made some plays this past week. He made a big tackle on an outside run by Brandon Ore, and forced another outside run back to the inside where another player was able to make the tackle. I would encourage people to lay off of Luke Sanders and accept him for what he is, a competent part-time player.

Other points will be made by bullets.
  • I've watched this game 3 times, and every single time, I hope that Chris Hawkins will catch that interception in the final minute and return it for a touchdown.
  • Virginia Tech did not complete a single pass against our cornerbacks. Every single completed was a short pass in the linebackers' zone or in front of the cornerbacks. Every time they threw against Jackson, Zenon, Eugene, or Hawkins, it fell incomplete.
  • I criticize ESPN a lot. I mean a LOT. I criticize the GameDay crew most of all, but I have to give Kirk Herbstreit credit. He really did his homework and knew this LSU team pretty well.
  • Ryan Perrilloux has the highest GeauxTuscaloosa Quarterback Productivity Index in the SEC, though it's in a limited role.
  • I was very happy to read in the last few days that Virginia Tech fans had nothing bad to say about our hospitality.
Tomorrow, we start our preview of the coming week. Unfortunately, i won't be seeing the game as I'll be at a wedding while it's going on.

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