Thursday, September 6, 2007

Should I Watch GameDay?

To the left is your gratuitous Bullwinkle-related image of the day. I like this new theme. Other blogs may give you half-naked women, but who else gives you Bullwinkle?

I don't much care for GameDay on ESPN. I don't like the
  1. Trash talking
  2. Predictions in place of analysis
  3. Yellow journalism and the cheap, emotional human interest stories
  4. The extreme focus on USC and Notre Dame to the exclusion of all others.
I didn't watch GameDay all last season, and I wasn't planning to watch it this year. Now, however, it will be on location in Baton Rouge for the LSU-Virginia Tech game. I may have to just grit my teeth and watch it, if for no other reason than for the shared experience.

There is talk that if LSU wins convincingly, we may vault over USC and take over the #1 spot. Despite my suspicion of polls in general, and my disdain for early season polls in particular, I have to admit it would be pretty cool if we got to the #1 spot during the season. Of course, it's more important that we finish the season #1, but LSU has never been ranked #1 during the season during my lifetime. It would be kind of cool to experience that.


I want to watch GameDay? I'm watching the polls? Who's writing this blog now and what has he done with the regular writer?

Perhaps I have College Football-itis. Or perhaps I'm just not sleeping enough. OK, I'm not offended by College GameDay. I just don't like the show. I don't like its content. I don't enjoy watching it. However, with it in Baton Rouge, I may watch it anyway.

But the polls? Honestly, being ranked #1 is probably more trouble than it's worth. It would put a big target on our backs every time we go out to play. Anyone remember the LSU vs. Florida matchup in 1997? The year Herb Tyler and the boys took down top-ranked Florida? Perfect example.

Week 2 starts tonight. No SEC teams are playing tonight or tomorrow, but future LSU foe Middle Tennessee State tries to pull off the upset against Louisville tonight. Good luck, but I doubt I'll be paying much attention. Maybe I'll switch back and forth between that and the Saints game. Or maybe I'll watch a movie. I don't really know.

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