Sunday, September 16, 2007

MTSU: The Awakening

Ryan Perrilloux has a very bright future at LSU. His present is not too bad either, and he's getting great experience to help him for when he has to lead this team through a real test. Hopefully that's not next week, as I'd much rather have Flynn available to play against the Gamecocks, who I think are a pretty good football team.

But back to Perrilloux. His line according to ESPN is 20 for 26, 298 yards passing, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception along with 8 rushes for 37 yards. That would give him a one-game GeauxTuscaloosa Quarterback Productivity Index of 10.74 yards/play, good for 2nd place on the week behind Tim Tebow. Incidentally, because Perrilloux not has extensive statistics and has been the primary QB in a game, he can now be ranked in the SEC GTQBPI standings. He is currently ranked #1 with a 12.15 yards/play GTQBPI. Tim Tebow is 2nd with 12.07 yards/play.

Granted, the entire Florida offense runs through Tebow, and Ryan has gotten most of his stats against MTSU.

I didn't watch any of the game, because of the aforementioned wedding reception in Jackson, Mississippi. I managed to listen to the first LSU drive and the final quarter on the radio. How impressive is this team? Well, last night's 44 points represented the lowest offensive output of the season, and we did it with our backup quarterback and without our #1 receiver. All the while we've given up a total of 7 points on the entire season.

Got that? Our lowest offensive point total for a single game is more than 6 times the total number of points we've given up the entire season. Auburn's offense gave up as many points yesterday as our whole team has given up ALL SEASON.

Think about what it takes to accomplish that. It requires performance by all three phases of the game. First and foremost, your defense has to be outstanding to give up only 7 points in 3 games. Second, your offense can't commit turnovers deep in your own territory, and we have not. In fact, last night's game saw us commit our first two turnovers of the season, and only one put MTSU in good field position, but the defense held. Third, you can't give up big returns on special teams. Fourth, with the blowouts we've had, even your backups have to play well to avoid giving up points, and they have. The backup defense hasn't given up a point, and the backup offense hasn't committed a turnover.

So, let's give out our congratulations.
  • Congratulations to Ryan Perrilloux for getting his first college start and playing very well.
  • Congratulations to Demetrius Byrd for catching his first touchdown pass of his career.
  • Congratulations to Jared Mitchell for having the biggest game of his career, catching 6 passes for 82 yards while taking on a bigger role in the absence of Early Doucet.
  • Congratulations to Richard Murphy for scoring his first career touchdown.
  • Congratulations to Ricky Dixon for catching his first pass (for 9 yards).
  • Congratulations to Andrew Hatch for getting his first game action at quarterback.
I'm still wondering what happened to Early Doucet. Rumors are it is a groin injury of uncertain severity, but he was up and walking around at the game. Hopefully he and Matt Flynn will be back at full strength against a solid South Carolina team.

If I have any concerns about this game, it is that for the second consecutive game, a running QB was able to move the ball. Tyrod Taylor led Virginia Tech to the only points that have been scored against LSU this season, and Dwight Dasher moved the ball (albeit against the 2nd string) better than the starter did, and ended up as his team's leading rusher. This is not a concern going against Blake Mitchell and South Carolina, b a certain Mr. Tebow is coming to town a few weeks. Tebow is a lot better than Dwight Dasher. Bo Pelini is going to have to figure out how to make this defense account for a running quarterback a little better.


uberschuck said...

I was also impressed that we were so dominant without our starting QB and #1 WR. We're demolishing every team we see methodically and with versatility. The schedule is good for us. SC is a modest challenge, and Tulane is a joke, so there is time to enhance team chemistry and possibly let key players overcome minor injuries before we get to beat the snot out of the defending champs next month.

The BAMA-Arkansas game was a thriller (just like last year). Although it is apparent that both teams have weapons that must be checked, both also have significant flaws. They are both "pretty good" teams, but neither is great.

Congrats to Kentucky. Great game, and finally a win over a top 10 team. The last play did make me think of Marcus Randall to Devery Henderson, but lightning can't strike twice, right?

Richard Pittman said...

That was dangerous between UL and UK, and that guy was just a broken tackle away from getting into the end zone. Once again, Kentucky was celebrating early, so much so that they couldn't focus on determining whether they should go for 1 or 2, and ended up making a strategically indefensible decision that could have cost them the game.

This LSU team is really good, and the schedule sets up, with some of our traditionally toughest competition really not looking that great. Auburn looks terrible right now. Arkansas does not look elite. Ole Miss reclaims the trophy as worst team in the SEC after this past week.

Honestly the only team on the schedule that scares me right now is Florida.