Sunday, March 16, 2008

Annual NCAA Tourney Fantasy Game

This is the annual GeauxTuscaloosa NCAA Tournament Fantasy Game. The rules are simple.
  • Choose one player from each seed level. T.g., one player from a 16-seed, one player from a 15-seed, etc.
  • Make sure your team is entered before the first game starts on Thursday. The play-in game does not count, but you can wait until its results are in if you wish.
  • Count the points scored by your team over the course of the tournament.
  • The winner receives $150 million.*
16. Deonte Huff, Portland State
15. Garrison Carr, American
14. Sundiata Gaines, Georgia
13. Brandon Johnson, San Diego
12. Courtney Lee, Western Kentucky
11. Ramel Bradley, Kentucky
10. Stephen Curry, Davidson
9. Sonny Weems, Arkansas
8. Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State
7. Joe Alexander, West Virginia
6. OJ Mayo, USC
5. Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
4. Shan Foster, Vandy
3. Brook Lopez, Stanford
2. DJ Augustin, Texas
1. Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

My hardest choices were 8 and 9. I really wanted to pick Jamont Gordon from Mississippi State because I think he's the kind of player who can excel in the tournament, and I think Memphis is very vulnerable, but I didn't like anyone from the 9 seeds other than Leunen from Oregon, and Oregon plays MSU in the first round. I didn't want to play my 8 and 9 seeds against each other, because I wanted the chance to have both of them play a second round game. Not having an option I liked at the 9 seed, I ended up having to change my 8-seed.

Then I decided I didn't like having my 8-seed and 9-seed players both going against SEC competition, so I switched both of them up, returning Jamont Gordon to my team and adding Sonny Weems. This could end up backfiring horribly.

I had to pick Sundiata Gaines just because you have to root for Georgia. It's incredible what they managed to accomplish. I honestly think everyone in the world was rooting for Georgia today with the possible exception of the Arkansas players, and I bet even they had mixed feelings.

Get your teams in before the games start, and I'll keep up with everyone's stats.

*All cash prizes are "virtual", meaning they do not exist. If this is not clear enough, it means there is no cash prize. All that is at stake is pride.


Poseur said...

Since the play in game doesn't count, I will base my seed selection on the play-in winner:

1 – Kevin Love, UCLA
2 – DJ Augustin, Texas
3 – Brook Lopez, Stanford
4 – Sam Young, Pitt
5 – Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
6 – OJ Mayo, USC
7 – AJ Graves, Butler
8 – Lee Cummard, BYU
9 – Malik Hairston, Oregon
10 – Stephen Curry, Davidson
11 – Michael Beasley, KSU
12 – Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
13 – Alex Franklin, Siena
14 – Ryan Wittman, Cornell
15 - Garrison Carr, American
16 - Tywain McKee, Coppin St OR Chris Vann, Mt. St. Mary’s

Yes, I know I have Mayo and Beasley. I think USC will win but Beasley will score 40 points or so, making it a fairly typical KSU game. And I have a question: who ISN'T going to take Curry?

Anonymous said...

1. Chris Douglas-Roberts - Memphis
2. Chris Lofton - Tenn.
3. David Padgett - Louisville
4. Sam Young - Pittsburg
5. Luke Haragody - Notre Dame
6. O.J. Mayo - USC
7. Jack McClinton - Miami
8. Jamont Gordon - Miss. State
9. Sonny Weems - Arkansas
10. Stephen Curry - Davidson
11. Micheal Beasley - Kansas State
12. Dionte Christmas - Temple
13. Edwin Ubiles - Siena
14. Reggie Larry - Boise State
15. Justin Hare - Belmont
16. Jeremiah Dominguez - Portland State

-Daniel P.

froberts said...

Here is my all-random team:

1. Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis
2. DJ Agustin, UT
3. Brook Lopez, Stanford
4. Sam Young, Pittsburgh
5. Luke Harangody, NDU
6. OJ Mayo, USC
7. Jack McClinton, Miami
8. Eric Gordon, IU
9. Malik Hairston, Oregon
10. Demetrick Bennett, USA
11. Lacedarius Dunn, Baylor
12. Scottie Reynolds, Nova
13. Edwin Ubiles, Siena
14. Sundiata Gaines, UGA
15. Ray Barbosa, UMBC
16. Josh, Akognon, Mount Saint Mary’s

Anonymous said...

I will give this a shot:

1. Tyler Hansbrough-UNC
2. Roy Hibbert-Georgetown
3. Brook Lopez-Stanford
4. Shan Foster-Vandy
5. Raymar Morgan-Mich. State
6. OJ Mayo-USC
7. Joe Alexamnder-West Virg.
8. Jamont Gordon-Miss. State
9. Sonny Weems-Arkansas
10. Stephen Curry-Davidson
11. Michael Beasley-Kansas State
12. Dionte Christmas-Temple
13. Michael Jenkins-Winthrop
14. Josh Akognon-Cal State Full.
15. Garrison Carr-American
16. Jeremiah Dominguez-Portland St.

Rollie Fingers LLP

Scott "Defending Champ" Murry said...

I sent mine in via email, but it's no fun if they aren't all on the same page...

Scott's team is:
1) Darren Collison G, UCLA
2) Chris Lofton G, UTenn
3) Trevon Hughes G, Wis
4) Shan Foster G, Vandy
5) K.C. Rivers G, Clemson
6) O.J. Mayo G, USC
7) Joe Alexander F, WVU
8) Jamont Gordon G, Moo St.
9) Sonny Weems, Our Kansas
10) Jerryd Bayless G, ARIZ
11) Michael Beasley F, KSU
12) Dionte Christmas G, Temple
13) Michael Jenkins G, Winthrop
14) Sundiata Gaines G, UGA
15) Drake Reed F, AP
16) Chris Vann G, Main Stream Media