Friday, March 7, 2008

Moving Right Along

Obviously, we cannot keep this up forever. Eventually, this site has to move away from its slap fight with Tigerdroppings. After all, despite what you may have read recently, there are about 350 posts on this blog out of about 355 that do not mention Tigerdroppings at all. This blog is about discussing LSU sports and SEC sports, and those topics have been sadly neglected the last couple of days.

One topic sadly neglected, and not just in recent days, is the play of the LSU women's basketball team, which finished the season undefeated in SEC play and heads to the conference tournament as one of the favorites. Winning the SEC is a huge accomplishment, as we all know that the Tennessee program has been the 500 pound gorilla of this sport. Knocking them off was huge.

First up in the SEC tournament is Ole Miss. Unfortunately the game is at noon today, which means it is pretty much impossible for me to watch it, as I will be at work. And yes, I enjoy watching LSU women's basketball when the games get more important (against Tennessee, or in the tournaments). I am hardly an expert on the topic, but I know we are really good and we have an excellent chance to win this tournament.

I also need to talk about the LSU-Bama basketball game from the other night. I was a little distracted from this topic yesterday, as you may have noticed. Despite being outrebounded dramatically (36 to 24 according to ESPN's boxscore), we won that game on the strength of good shooting, and in particular good free throw shooting. Shooting 41% from 3-point range doesn't hurt either. Clutch shooting and clutch defense are also nice, and we held Bama without a field goal in the last couple of minutes, coming from behind by 1 point to win by 7.

My analysis of this game is handicapped a little by the fact that I did not watch it. It was not on television here. I know that Anthony Randolph, perhaps in another showcase for the NBA, scored a career high.

He and Marcus Thornton again carried the scoring load, getting 56 of our 80 points. I sure hope this kid comes back, and just based on what I've seen I have to be doubtful of the projections that he is a lottery pick. He has the height and length, and he has athleticism (but not Tyrus Thomas-level athleticism). He has moves and overall general skills. He just lacks so much strength, and it showed in his inability to fight Hendrix and Jemison for rebounds. Neither of those guys are as good as the players he'll meet in the NBA.

If he really is a lottery pick, I can't be mad at him for going. That's a lot of money to pass up. I just doubt those projections.


Phil said...

Great to see another Tiger fan in a sea of red.

Geaux Tigers,
Perdido Beach Resort
Ornage Beach, Alabama

uberschuck said...

On the topic of the Tigresses, the win vs. TN was huge. We were down almost 20 points early in the game, then fought back to make it a 3 pt. game at the half. It was tight most of the second half until the last few minutes, when we shut them down and kept scoring to make it a double-digit win on their home court. Had we followed that win with another vs. UCONN, we might be looking at a #1 seed for the tournament, but since we lost to UCONN, that might be out of reach.

Anyway, this team definitely looks good enough to get to the final four and give us 5 straight losses in the semifinal.

Richard Pittman said...

8 straight if you count the men's team.

Cris said...

Congratulations! Keep it up high!