Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Round 2 Results: The Let-Down

After Round 1, it seemed like it would be a pretty good battle, but then Round 2 happened.

Well, not exactly. The first thing that happened is I noticed I failed to count one player for Jason in the first round, so his totals went up by 26 points from that round, putting him among the leaders in points, but still insanely high in players remaining. This paid off in the second round, as Jason took a commanding lead in the game with 516 points, with 5 players remaining. Here are the standings:

Jason: 516 points (Hansbrough, Lofton, Lopez, Alexander, and Curry remaining)
Poseur: 483 points (Love, Augustin, Lopez, Curry, and Reynolds remaining)
Richard: 478 points (Hansbrough, Augustin, Lopez, Alexander, Curry, and Lee remaining)
Daniel: 459 points (Douglas-Roberts, Lofton, Padgett, and Curry remaining)
Rollie: 447 points (Hansbrough, Lopez, Morgan, Alexander, and Curry remaining)
jroberts: 364 points (Douglas-Roberts, Augustin, Lopez, and Reynolds remaining)
Scott: 332 points (Collison, Lofton, Hughes, and Alexander remaining)

Poseur is in 2nd place in points, but has fewer players remaining than either Jason or me. Daniel had a very good first round, but lost a lot of ground in the 2nd round. Rollie was killed by Roy Hibbert and his failure to pick any of the 12- or 13-seed upsets. Shan Foster probably ended any hope I had of winning this thing, and DJ Augustin has played well without scoring any points, screwing everyone who picked him. Then again, the same could be said of James Lofton. All around, every player picked a dud in the 2-slot. Jroberts was one of the guys who picked the Eric Gordon-Malik Hairston combination at the 8- and 9-seeds, and as a result he is pretty much finished.

Anyway, I now think I'm the only one with any chance to beat Jason, and I need to hope for a miracle. I have one additional player remaining, so all I have to say is, "Go Hilltoppers!" If Lee scores 30 in the next game, or advances to the next round, I'm right back in it. Poseur could still get back in it, but he'll have to do it the hard way, by his players simply manning up and scoring more than Jason's.

Football stuff: I had a request for a Spring Football update. LSU has been on football hiatus due to Spring Break, but they return to practice today. There will be updates in the future.


Ford_life said...

I’ve been following the Coaching situation at LSU and noticed your last post about Coach Peirre was around March 15. Wasn’t sure if you had heard anything more about the situation, but I came across a Randy Rosetta article in the advocate this morning. I would love to see what you and other fans think about it. Just wanted to bring it to your attention.
Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is going to drop 50 Thursday night, and another 50 Saturday night and Fingers will be back in business.


uberschuck said...

I also have Courtney Lee on my team. The next round is very important for Poseur to catch up. We differ on Reynolds, Love, and Augustin. If these guys advance and I lose Hansbrough and/or Lofton, then there will be an opening for him.