Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sue Calls Paul Finebaum

I've talked about my love/hate relationship with talk radio before. I find much sports talk radio to be vapid, senseless, and borderline offensive, but I still listen. Well, yesterday, on my way home from work I was listening to Paul Finebaum's show and he got a caller named "Sue".

The call was a long one. Sue did not like the way Finebaum was acting, in particular with regards to Finebaum's famous dust-up with Mark Gottfried's wife at a basketball game about 6 weeks ago. Sue and Finebaum got into a pretty good argument, with Sue making the following points/observations:
  • People who call for a coach's firing should be people who somehow contribute in some concrete way to the coach's program. Otherwise, they don't have a stake in it.
  • Finebaum has the advantage of being able to continue talking when the caller hangs up.
  • People who call his show posture and talk big but never have to actually make a decision.
  • His callers are poseurs who act aggressively and drive big trucks to compensate for their insecurities.
  • Finebaum himself cries about the fact that Elizabeth Gottfried "accused" him of calling for her husband's firing, which he has in fact done dozens of times.
  • Finebaum is a jerk for bringing his beef with Mark Gottfried to Gottfried's wife.
  • Finebaum's show encourages the worst kind of bellyaching and ultimately does more harm than good.
  • Mal Moore doesn't owe Finebaum or anyone else an explanation for why Gottfried has not been fired.
There was more to it. You can listen to it here, care of the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. It's about 1/5 or 1/4 of the way through the 4th hour of Friday's program. I was thinking, "Wow, she's really got him pegged."

Finebaum, of course, resorted to what he's done a whole lot of lately. He dwelled on the fact that Sue was a woman, and that Elizabeth Gottfried was too. He said Gottfried "stuck her breasts in his face." He said he can "never get a woman to stop talking." Finally, Finebaum said, "Sue you obviously just don't understand what the purpose of programs like this are." Then he quizzed her on her sexual ethics, and accused her of having problems with men.

On the contrary, I think Sue knows exactly what the purpose of Finebaum's program is. She just doesn't like it. OK, the comment about the big trucks was way out of line, but honestly we all know people who drive big trucks for no practical purpose.

Of course, when she was done and the program moved on to other topics, Finebaum wasn't done with her. He called her a "stupid bitch" when another caller asked about it. The next caller really struggled to defend Finebaum, saying he wasn't calling for Mal Moore to fire Gottfried but merely "expressing his opinion." Left unsaid is that the "opinion" referenced is that Mal Moore should fire Mark Gottfried.

I say, hats off to Sue. She called him out on his misogyny and he naturally responded by calling her a "stupid bitch" and suggesting that she was a whore. Score one for Finebaum on that one. He clearly proved her wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I cant stand paul finebaum,he makes me want to throw up!