Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tourney Game Results - Round 3

We have results for Round 3 of the NCAA Tournament Game, and wouldn't you know it, but it's a game again. I won the 3rd round with 136 points. Jason had 128, while Poseur had 122. I ate into Jason's lead by 8 points, leaving me 30 points behind.

Most importantly though, Poseur and I each have an extra player over Jason. Results are as follows:

Jason: 644 points (Hansbrough and Curry remaining)
Richard: 614 points (Hansbrough, Augustin, and Curry remaining)
Poseur: 605 points (Love, Augustin, and Curry remaining)
Rollie: 549 points (Hansbrough and Curry remaining)
Daniel: 542 points (Douglas-Roberts, Padgett, and Curry remaining)
Jroberts: 449 points (Douglas-Roberts and Augustin remaining)
Scott: 369 points (Collison remaining)

It's a 3-team race now between Jason, Poseur, and myself. We all have Stephen Curry remaining, so he doesn't count anymore. Jason and I have Hansbrough in common, so I simply have Augustin as a bonus. If Augustin scores 31 points from now to the end of the tournament, I pass Jason.

For Poseur, if Love and Augustin score 40 points more than Hansbrough, he passes Jason, but he needs Love to outscore Hansbrough by 10 in order to pass me. This will actually be an exciting finish.

The key players remaining, then, are Love, Hansbrough, and Augustin. Poseur and I want Augustin to do well. Jason and I want Hansbrough to do well. Poseur wants Love to do well. None of these players go head to head in the Elite 8. It's really anyone's game at this point, and the key game is probably Memphis vs. Texas tomorrow night. If Texas is eliminated, it is highly unlikely anyone will catch Jason. If Texas advances, it's anyone's game.

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