Monday, March 24, 2008

Super-Late Round 1 Results

Like I said, I was at a funeral in my wife's family this weekend. I was away from home all weekend, and I did not have my spreadsheets. As a result, I was unable to start compiling results of the tournament until this morning. I realize it's hopelessly out of date, but here are the results from round 1.

Richard (me): 275 points, 6 players eliminated
Poseur: 280 points, 6 players eliminated
Daniel: 277 players, 5 players eliminated
froberts: 225 points, 7 players eliminated*
Rollie: 275 points, 7 players eliminated
Scott: 192 points, 7 players eliminated
Jason: 253 points, 4 players eliminated

The number of players eliminated is as important as the number of points scored at this point, so while me, Poseur, Daniel, and Rollie look really strong in points scored, Jason may be the player with the advantage at this point because he has two more players still playing at this point. I think it's a two-player race at this point between Daniel and Jason, although one quick look at the brackets shows that Daniel has 5 players left in the sweet 16 while Jason has 7. Advantage Jason.

I'll get to the rest of it tomorrow.

froberts made a mistake and listed Josh Akognon as a player for Mt. St. Mary, a 16-seed. Akognon is actually a 14-seed player for Cal St. Fullerton. As a result, that slot is disqualified for froberts and it will be treated as if he did not pick a 16-seed player.

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froberts said...

Huh. Not sure why I did that, musta got distracted or something. Oh well, how is spring football going?